A Washroom Mat Can Reduce Accidents and Add to the Decor As Well

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Most people use the washroom several times per day. Whether it’s taking advantage of your hygiene routine, or needing to discreetly use waste, there’s always some need to hit the washroom. Most of us do our business while standing by the toilet or sitting on the pot. However, one can still avoid discoloration and odors by using a mat to cover the floor. They serve several purposes, from protecting feet from cold floors to providing a comfortable place to stand while drying off after a shower.

A washroom mat, or floor mat, is often a simple item designed for use in the washroom. These are typically rubber, plastic, or vinyl and have a waterproof backing. Warehouse stores and home improvement stores sell them to provide a non-slip surface underfoot while in the washroom area. There are many different kinds of washroom mats — with other materials and designs to suit different environments — so check out options before purchasing. Washroom mats are a necessary addition to any modern washroom.

Reasons to Use a Washroom Mat

It's hard to avoid falling on the floor if walking barefoot, and that can hurt much more than being splashed by a puddle of water on the way to the washroom. When using a washroom mat, one makes it much more difficult for someone to slip. If they do fall, they'll be able to grab onto something. A soft surface like a bathmat doesn't offer as much slip as tile or linoleum, so it's less likely someone will fall. A bathmat is easy to clean — throw it in the laundry with the regular towels (which are presumably clean anyway). Preventing falls should be a top priority for any business because the cost of an accident can be extremely high. Claims and litigation can easily reach the millions, so it is best to take measures to prevent them before they happen.

The mat is designed to protect the washroom, kitchen, and other floors from water damage. Washroom mats are made of highly absorbent microfiber fabric and slip-resistant backing. It is machine washable, making it easy to clean. Most washroom sets come with a bath mat, a U-shaped toilet pad, and a pedestal toilet pad. A washroom mat will help keep the floors dry and protect against the buildup of mold, mildew, and other bacteria. They also allow air to flow, helping them dry more quickly than some different types of mats.

Styles of Washroom Mats

There are many materials available for washroom mats and different price points, so there's an option for every type of space and every taste.

  • Nylon Washroom Floor Mats - Nylon is a popular material used in constructing washroom floor mats because it's easy to clean. One can easily spot a nylon mat because it has a smooth surface with tiny ridges. These ridges provide traction and prevent slipping by creating friction between the mat and the feet. The downside is that these mats tend to get dirty quickly, so they should be cleaned regularly. It's also important to note that some nylon mats can become brittle over time, which will cause them to deteriorate more quickly than others.
  • Cotton Washroom Floor Mats - Cotton is another popular material used in the construction of washroom floor mats. Cotton is more durable than nylon and tends to last longer, but it may not be as comfortable for one’s feet if it gets wet. Cotton also tends to get dirty faster than other materials.

Buying a Washroom Mat

If someone wants to buy one for the washroom, the person should find out whether or not there is enough space in the washroom to put it. Whether one wants a simple non-slip bath mat or a luxurious memory foam bath mat, there is always something for everyone. Someone can choose any color and shape for a washroom mat. A green one will make it look more refreshing. It will be like taking a fresh shower every day.

Washroom mats will make a big impact on decorating a washroom. For example, the use of a green rug in the washroom can have a peaceful effect while someone is taking a bath. When choosing a washroom, one should consider a couple of things: style, material, purpose, etc.

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