Whether Relaxing With Family or Sleeping, Pajamas Are A Great Choice

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Like athleisure wear, pajamas are good for a lot more than sleeping. At the end of a long day, snuggling into a pair of cozy pajamas is a wonderful way to care for yourself. We all know that great quality sleep is critical to good health, but many of us struggle to fall asleep. Putting on your pajamas can be a wonderful way to start your "going to bed to sleep well" process and allow your mind to settle down and snuggle in.

Pajamas can also be a nice way to avoid doing too much laundry. If you have professional dress requirements at your job and get home late, just put on your pajamas! Skip the extra laundry of putting on your casual clothes in between. You’ll be just as comfortable.

Pajamas For Family Time

Consider setting aside time each week to hang out in your pajamas. For example, you could designate time on Saturday or Sunday morning for pajama time. Set a few rules for this time. Everyone has to stay in their pajamas and hang out together during family time.

Pajama time will take some planning. For example, you don't want to designate pajama time and find you're out of the ingredients to make everyone's favorite breakfast. To keep things as simple as possible, study up on make-ahead savory breakfast recipes. If you have older children who are interested in learning to cook, pancakes are a great starter food for young chefs.

Of course, you'll need pajamas that are easy to wash and dry. On pajama time day, consider also getting out the sleeping bags or a tent so children can snuggle down and enjoy some play time on the floor.

Pajamas for Cold Weather

Fleece is a wonderful fabric to keep warm air close to your skin on a cold day. If you're shopping for family Christmas pajamas, fleece bottoms can be a great tool for an extended bout of family pajama time.

Another benefit of fleece pajama bottoms is that you can build some DIY family pajama sets with sweatpants. If you have family members that are outside the normal size options of small, medium and large or height ranges, black sweatpants and matching pajama shirts can make sure everyone is included.

When you're ready to get that first family pajama photo on Christmas morning, you can add to the festivities with fun Christmas socks. Again, if anyone has outgrown their Christmas pajamas, matching tops, black sweats or leggings and matching socks can look really sharp in front of your tree.

Pajamas for Hot Weather

Getting matching family pajamas for hot weather can be a challenge if you like nightgowns. However, children's cotton nightgowns or nightshirts can be easily matched up. Of course, adults may prefer to invest in men's style pajamas for even more comfort and coolness. A tank and shorts may be an even better choice depending on your comfort level.

Look for silky fabrics that will breathe. If you prefer cotton pajamas, carefully consider your bedding to make sure you're not setting yourself up to get bound up in the bedding because your cotton pajamas aren't sliding against your cotton sheets.

If you live in a hot weather area, cotton pajamas can offer additional benefits. You can spritz a bit of water on cotton pajamas to cool you when you lay down to sleep, and boost the benefits of this by directing a fan on the sleeper.

Quality pajamas are a wonderful addition to your relaxation at the end of a long day. Whether you prefer a pajama style garment or a tee and shorts, having pajamas that you can settle into at the end of a long day is a wonderful relaxation ritual.

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