Men Have More Haircut Options Than Many People Realize

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The idea of what constitutes a good haircut often seems subjective, but the truth is that most people have an average opinion of what makes for a top-notch cut. Many people consider the same haircuts to be good, and others believe there is no such thing as a bad haircut, whereas some stylists want to add spice to your routine. Regardless of whether you subscribe to this theory or not, it's clear that men can choose from a plethora of different ideas regarding hairstyles and haircuts. One inevitable thing is that haircuts and hairstyles are not limited to the same thing. The general public's view of a haircut is very shallow, often failing to see the difference between a swimmer's cut and a buzz cut.

This article will cover some of the more popular haircut styles for men. Think of this as your reference guide for visiting your stylist next time. Knowledge of the name of different haircuts will help avoid confusion with the stylist and a bad haircut.

1 - Fade

A fade is a hairstyle that involves naturally growing hair fading lower on the side of the head to give the appearance that it has been shaved on the other side. The hair on top of your head is cut shorter and faded away, but at the same time, shorter pieces of hair are kept on the sides to give your hair a fade effect. It's best for people who have a long face, as the idea of an unevenly shaved head on one side can look slightly weird.

2 - Mullet

If you have ever wondered what a mullet haircut looks like, wonder no more! A mullet refers to a man's hairstyle with hair down to his neckline on the back and sides of his head but with a slightly shorter top than the back. The classic mullet hairstyle comprises curly hair on top but straightened hair in the front and back. Today, many men either keep their hair curly or leave it as is. A continuing trend since the 1970s, the mullet has become known and accepted among many of the public.

3 - Comb Over

Even though people consider the comb over haircut a bad one, this is still a cut that many men have. A comb over refers to the specific style where the hair on one side of the head is short and kept low, while the hair on top is longer and combed to one side. This particular style works best for straight or wavy hair. The cut with this style will not work if you have naturally curly hair or even a tight buzz cut.

4 - Mohawk

The Mohawk is one of the many hairstyles for men that remains popular among people today. The haircut gets its name from the Native Americans in America, and it is one of the more popular haircuts for men. A section of your hair in the middle and the front of your head is left long, but all other hair on your head remains short. This style works great for men who have thick hair and thick eyebrows. The Mohawk is something to consider when looking for a trendy look.

5 - Crew Cut

The Crew Cut qualifies as one of the most popular haircuts that many men have, as it provides an athletic look to the face. It is nicknamed "Crew Cut" because it is popular among sports stars. The hair on the top is short, while the sides are kept long. Many people do not like the Crew Cut because they believe it is unflattering to have hair in this manner. The Crew Cut might not be suitable for you if you have thick hair and thick eyebrows, as it will leave your hair looking very thin.

6 - Faux Hawk

This is a haircut that enables men to have both short and long hair on their heads. The long hair allows them to spike it upwards to give the impression that they are wearing a Mohawk. However, the Faux Hawk is different from the Mohawk in so many ways. The Faux Hawk is characterized by a section of hair on the forehead spiked upwards. This hairstyle works well with different hair types, including curly and straight hair.

7 - Spiked Hair

The spiked haircut is one of the most popular haircuts amongst men because it gives a rebellious or even aggressive look to the wearer's face. The spiked haircut is characterized by wearing a small amount of hair on top and leaving the hair on the sides long. The longer hair is then spiked upwards towards the direction you want it. This hairstyle works best for men with thick hair, as it would look quite weird with thin strands of hair being spiked up.

8 - Afro

The Afro is a hairstyle created by growing the hair, allowing it to flow naturally. Unlike many other hairstyles for men, this one falls under an ethnic hairstyle. The Afro has been a continuously popular haircut originating from Africa, and they have been sporting it for centuries, but the idea has spread to many parts of the world. The Afro is also known by different names, such as Kufi or Natural. This hairstyle suits most men and has been proven highly trendy over decades. The Afro works well with thick and coarse hair, especially among African Americans, as they are born with this kind of hair.

9 - Undercut

The undercut is a trendy haircut, which has become extremely popular in the last few years because it provides an edgy look to the wearer's face while also giving them their desired hairstyle. An undercut is characterized by leaving a section of hair short at the top and longer and thinner at the sides. Whether you want an undercut or not depends on your personality and how much control you want over your hair. The undercut is a great style for men with curly and thicker hair because it will look completely wrong if you have straight or thin hair.

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