No Wedding Day is Complete Without the Perfect Hairstyle on the Bride

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After saying yes, everything about the wedding takes the forefront of the mind until saying "I do." Some brides have every detail planned from the moment they know what marriage is, and others opt for a casual affair with equally casual attire. Regardless of the bride, they all consider their appearance in some regard, and nothing is more versatile than wedding hair which offers innumerable options. Whether fancy, casual, or somewhere in between, a wedding hairstyle should reflect not only the wedding's tone, but also the bride's personality. Hair can also enhance a bride's facial structure, makeup, and attire which can additionally make it extremely stressful to choose a style that's perfect for the big day. This style will no doubt be captured for a lifetime in photographs and video, so just how does a bride choose? The best way to choose is to consider the vibe of the wedding, the personality of the bride, and whether the style fits the hair type.

1 - Down and Casual

While it may sound as though this style is virtually a way to do nothing, this is far from the truth. Leaving hair down on the big day usually consists of some level of styling product, blow drying, and straightening or curling; however, this all depends on hairstyle. If a bride has stick-straight hair that virtually never holds a curl or any type of volume, leaving it down may be a mistake regardless of styling products. On the other hand, this style would be perfect for a bride with thicker, more voluminous hair that also has some waves or curls. This style offers a great vibe for an outdoor wedding where locks can blow lazily on a beach or in crisp mountain air.

2 - Ornate and Perfectly Coiffed

Regardless of hair type, some brides opt for perfectly placed strands that compliment both a detailed dress and a storybook wedding. Classic and sophisticated, this style not only attracts attention, but stays in place and can be done on most hair types with a veteran stylist. Ornate styles offer just as much sophistication as they do options. Curls of any size, braids, twists, and more make ornate styles both versatile and beautiful. These styles offer enough glam that many brides decide to forgo a veil altogether.

3 - Messy and Effortless Updo

Although it's no secret that brides spend some degree of time on their wedding look, there is something to be said about looking beautiful yet effortless. Some days the messy bun is still a "perfect" messy bun which boasts a natural beauty that also suggests less time staring into a mirror or sitting under a stylist. This look may include just enough loose tendrils flirting around a bride's face that give her a playful, pretty, and youthful look. There's purpose to the style yet not a lot of fuss for brides who prefer to have the attention elsewhere yet also have their hair up and in place. The bride's makeup, dress, or veil is stealing the show, but that is just fine with the bride who chooses a playful sophistication as her slightly untamed locks sweep across her face.

Choosing the perfect style doesn't have to be stressful once a bride decides on the overall tone of her wedding and look. Some hair types can also encourage the bride to lean one way or avoid particular hairstyles, but it's important to remember that regardless of the chosen style, getting glammed up for a wedding is fun! There's no harm in trying different styles before settling on the perfect style for the perfect day.

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